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Melissa Lara Dixon


November 14, 1982 (age 29)

New Zealand

Relationship Status



New Zealand


Miami, Florida

Early Life

Melissa is the younger sister of Scott Dixon. Since they are two are two years apart in age, they are really close to each other.


While growing up, Melissa was the girl that always skipped the classes that she hated the most (which was the majority of her clases, the only one that she didn't skip was English class), but somehow managed to stay above 50% for her grade, which was the level that was needed to pass a class.

When she was skpping class, Melissa went to a race track in New Zealand and watched the race that was currently taking place at the time, and just loved racing.

She continued watching racing in New Zealand until she was eighteen, as she moved to Miami, Florida. But after she moved to Florida, she continued watching whatever racing that was there. Then, when her brother Scott made it to the IZOD IndyCar serires in 2003, she then decided to travel with him and watched the IndyCar races, and also becoming a fan of Scott in the process

Personal Life

Melissa is the younger sister of Scott Dixon, and the two are really close to each other with two years of age seperating the two.

Sibling: Scott Dixon (brother), Chelsea Wheldon (sister in-law), Dan Wheldon (brother in-law; deceased)

Family Members: James Wheldon (nephew), Chris Wheldon (nephew), Clarissa Wheldon (niece)

Twitter Account

Melissa's Twitter account is @MelissaDixon. She uses it to talk to her friends.

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