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Abby Lily Allmendinger


November 28, 1983 (Age:28)

Los Gatos, California

Relationship Status:



Los Gatos, California


Miami, Florida

Early Life

Abby is the younger sister of A.J. Allmendinger. Growing up, they had a considerate brother/sister relationship, which grew stronger as they grew up.


When Abby was growing up, the kids that Abby was growing up with had considered Abby as a popular girl. Abby didn't think of herself that way. Abby thought that she was just a normal girl. Abby ended up graduating from highschool as a valedictorian, and had received a full scholarship to go to any university or college of her choice. Abby ended up going to the University of California.

Abby graduated from the University of California with a Bachelors of Business Management, and she ended up landing a job as her brother's manager/personal assistant.

She was also a bridesmaid in A.J's wedding to Kayla Coté on January 19, 2007.

Personal Life

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Abby is the younger sister of A.J. Allmendinger.

Abby has a tattoo of Five Stars on her right foot.

Siblings: AJ Allmendinger (brother)

Family Members: Samantha Allmendinger (niece)

Twitter Account

Abby's Twitter account is @AbbyAllmendinger12. She mainly uses it to talk to her friends.